FLDS a “Recognized Religious Sect?”

That is for tax purposes, could they be?

This thought struck my mind as I was reading some online tax prep guidance on turbotax:

Member of recognized religious sect:In order to be a member of a recognized religious sect the following criteria must be met:

– You must be conscientiously opposed to accepting benefits from any private or public insurance that makes payments for death, disability, old age, retirement, medical care, or provides services for medical care

– You must waive all rights to receive any Social Security payments or benefits and agree that no benefits or payments will be made to anyone else based on your wages and self-employment income

– It is the practice, and has been for a substantial period of time, for members of the sect or division to provide for their dependent members in a manner that is reasonable in view of the members’ general level of living

– The sect or division must have been in existence at all times since December 31, 1950.

 The Christian Scientists have proven its possible to become recognized — in a big way. I mean just a drive through our nation’s capital and noticing their huge church in the center of town will tell you that much.

So apparently there are tax benefits. But more important than the tax benefits is the reality that alternative religious lifestyles are actually legitimate and recognized by the people of this country, despite what the feminazis and modernists want you to think.


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